How will I be notified of Box Breaks?

How will I be notified of Box Breaks?

Box Break Notifications

How to be notified when box breaks are live:

  1. Check our website around 9PM CST to see if a break is sold out or close to being sold out. If it is sold out, it will be live that night!
  2. Check our Facebook Page for news and alerts
  3. Subscribe to our YouTube Channel and YouTube will send notifications to your phone when we are live!
  4. Follow us on Twitch for twitch notifications when we are live!

Coming Soon:

We are actively developing a new box break notification system that will alert you of the following automatically:
  1. When a box break you purchased has closed/sold out email you for awareness that your break is ready to run soon
  2. Send an SMS when the live stream starts for the break you bought into is 

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